Shared Vs Managed WordPress Hosting (Explained)

Today, we will see what is the difference between Shared vs Managed WordPress hosting and who should choose Shared hosting or Who should go with Managed WordPress hosting.

What is Shared WordPress hosting?

When multiple websites are hosted on a single server, we call it shared hosting as your website shares the resources of a single server with a number of websites. The main advantage of using such a service is they are cheap, and best for starting a blog or website. 

Shared hosting is cheap as compared to managed hosting and this is why a shared hosting plan can be as low as $2.0 per month.

Who should use Shared hosting: Anyone who wants to start a blog or website should consider using shared hosting as it keeps your expenses low. Also, personal sites, low traffic websites, bloggers, and small businesses should use this type of hosting service.

What is Managed WordPress hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is an especially crafted hosting that makes sure your website performs well even in the high traffic hours.

A managed host takes care of all technical issues like backups, WordPress update, security check, and much more.

There are several benefits to managed hosting, including:

  • Better performance because the server is specifically optimized for WordPress.
  • Round the clock higher-quality support ( Issues get resolved as quickly as possible.)
  • Scalability so your site has room to grow as your traffic increases.
  • Better website security with routine security checkup.

In other words, a Managed hosting lets you concentrate on your content creation while they take care of all the technical stuff for you.

However, Managed hosting is much more expensive than shared hosting. In most cases, a managed WordPress hosting plan starts at around $16 per month. They also prohibit the use of some plugins as they may interfere with their servers which are already well optimized for managed WordPress hosting.

Who should use Managed hosting: Only high traffic websites should use Managed hosting.

I hope you have got some idea about Shared and Managed WordPress hosting. And also which one to use, and when.

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